Who has 2 thumbs and tells all the dad jokes? This guy

Mike Osterhage cracks up KSAT

A horse walks into a bar... No, seriously. It's Mike's favorite. Watch the video for all of his corny crack-ups - he even mentions Adam Caskey...kind of.

SAN ANTONIO – Mike Osterhage loves a good dad joke. But you know what he loves more? Telling them. To everyone.

Watch the video above for a collection of his (best?) dad jokes ahead of Father’s Day. Who knows? You might be telling them to your kids over the weekend.

Happy Father’s Day from SA Live!

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Diana Winters is a San Antonio-area native, Emmy award-winning and GLAAD-nominated journalist who loves the Alamo City. She is the executive producer of SA Live, creator of South Texas PRIDE and co-creator of Texas Eats.