Election viewing party essentials

Have a good time this election day, regardless of the results, with these patriotic items

San Antonio – Stephanie Peña Frost from Princess and the Monkey has all the essentials needed to make your election viewing party a fun one.

Serve your guests some patriotic snacks with a red, white and blue charcuterie board made from crackers, tomatoes, meats and white cheeses for the stripes, along with blueberries and Hershey’s kisses for the blue section with stars.

Next have a sweet snack ready with some popcorn covered in white chocolate drizzle and topped with red and blue sprinkles.

Also add some election decor to your wine bottles with some custom made labels that can be found just about anywhere online.

Finally, to pass the time while the votes come in and the polls are closing, get your guests thinking with some good old election trivia.

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I had so so so so much fun today at @saliveksat . We could not stop laughing at the trivia questions I brought. @...

Posted by PrincessandtheMonkey on Monday, November 2, 2020