Program offers healthy recipes, educational resources for National Public Health Week

National Public Health Week to run virtually April 5-11

SAN ANTONIO – National Public Health Week starts Monday, and, of course, the past year has been extremely challenging for public health in our lifetime.

If you are struggling to keep a balanced diet, one local can help you along the way.

Arisa Larios, a registered dietitian for SA Metro Health and ¡Viva Health!, gives recommendations for individuals who have a difficult time managing their stress and eating habits.

¡Viva Health! is a program under Metro Health that provides nutrition education resources to the community.

“Our goal is to motivate and inspire healthy eating patterns for individuals and families,” said Larios.

The three core campaign messages from ¡Viva Health!:

  • Half your plate fruits & veggies, every meal, every day.
  • For portion control, use a smaller plate.
  • Drink water, not sugary drinks.

¡VIVA HEALTH! by Kiersten on Scribd

What recommendations do you have for individuals who have a difficult time managing their stress and eating habits?

“It’s important to first recognize the signs of stress,” said Larios. “Some signs of stress can be exhaustion, trouble sleeping, headaches and anxiety. Then determine how this influences your eating habits. Are you emotionally eating or eating for comfort? Once that’s determined, then you can reflect on your food choices. Determine if you nourish your body with nutrient-rich foods. It’s important to shift our emotions away from food and find confidence in managing stress by other support systems like talking to a friend or going for a walk.”

SA Metro Health will be hosting a drive-thru health event Tuesday, April 6 with Gonzaba Medical Group at 1499 Hillcrest Drive from 10 a.m. to noon, to provide services for healthy recipes, maternal services and dental services.

To learn more about ¡Viva Health! recipes and nutrition education resources, click or tap here.