Follow these 6 influencers if grilling is your “happy space”

BBQ experts ‘meat’ up for epic event

SAN ANTONIO – If you’re looking to impress with open-fire cooking recipes or just looking for ideas, we’ve got you covered.

Al Frugoni, with FuegosTx, invited several North American social media influencers and chefs to get a taste of Texas grilling and share their genuine love for outdoor cooking.

So fire up the grill and give these accounts a follow:

@DarkSideOfTheGrill on Instagram

Mel Chmilar Jr., @DarkSideOfTheGrill (KSAT)

@SeattleButchersWife on Instagram

Misty Banchero, @SeattleButchersWife (KSAT)

@AdventuresOfaFatGuy on Instagram

Willy Soto Jr., @AdventuresOfAFatGuy (KSAT)

@blvk_smokesbbq187 on Instagram

Eduardo Gonzalez, @blvk_smokesbbq187 (KSAT)

@BigJavs_BBQ on Instagram

Javier Mejia, @BigJavs_BBQ (KSAT)

@AlFrugoni on TikTok

Al Frugoni, @AlFrugoni (KSAT)

Here are some other accounts you should be following:






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Happy cooking!