Top house plants for your kitchen

These indoor plants will thrive your kitchen

Jen Tobias-Struski takes us inside Plant Shoppe for a look at their indoor jungle

SAN ANTONIO – Step inside Plant Shoppe off the St. Mary’s strip and you’ll enter an indoor jungle, complete with tropical vibes and an array of indoor plants for all care levels.

Sonam Aditya is the founder of Plant Shoppe and she is all about sharing her knowledge and love for plants. Here are her picks for kitchen plants:

Bright Light

Venus Fly Trap - a carnivorous plant that enjoys humid conditions. “They love bright light, so they’ll thrive in your window seal,” Aditya said.

Ficus (rubber plants) - “One has more pink, one has more white and they will grow into really large tree specimens and they will do great in your kitchen and they are great for air purification.”

Hoya Plants - “This actually bloom,” Aditya said. These also trail and you water them when they are halfway dry.

Medium Light

Marble Queen Pothos - “These are great for shelves and you literally would just put it on a shelf or a cupboard and they can just kind of vine down” Aditya said.

Scindapsus - These are also “trailing” plants. “I feel like most trailing plants are great for your kitchen,” she said.

Monstera Adansonii - These can add some height to your space.

Calathea Plants - These come in “beautiful” patterns. “They will also close all of their leaves at night and that’s why they’re called prayer plants,” Sonam said.

Low Light

ZZ Plants - You can water just once a month.

The Plant Shoppe is located at 3020 N. St. Mary’s St, You can follow them on Instagram by clicking here.

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