Best of San Antonio's Tricentennial

SAN ANTONIO – This year was a big birthday for the city of San Antonio as the Alamo City celebrated its Tricentennial.

The year 2018 is something you won't find in your history book just yet. It was a special year for our city with the Tricentennial. And this year, we celebrated for 365 days.

In 2018, San Antonio hosted more than 100 events.

We started the year with a bang, throwing the biggest concert the city has ever seen. Despite a little cold weather, that didn't stop the fun.

The Tricentennial was filled with many unique events, from history and education to art installations and even a few firsts.

We also put our cultural city on the world map, inviting leaders from all around the globe.

In May, we celebrated our commemorative week, which was six full days filled with one-of-a-kind events.

But 2018 wasn't just a year-long party. It was about giving back. We came together as a community through volunteer services, donating more than 19,000 hours in citywide events.

This year, we took a look back at our past and reflected on the many stories, faces and events that helped shape San Antonio.

As we close our chapter of the Tricentennial, we say goodbye to 2018 and look forward to the next 300 years.