Warriors' Steve Kerr, Steph Curry endorse Popovich for president

Kerr says Popovich's platforms would be 'honesty and integrity'

SAN ANTONIO – If Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich ever decides to run for president of the United States, he knows he has at least one vote secured, that of Warriors head coach Steve Kerr.

“I truly would vote for Pop. He would make a great president,” Kerr said Wednesday at the AT&T Center. "All jokes aside. I would vote for him.”

Kerr and the defending NBA champion Warriors are in San Antonio to play the Spurs on Thursday in a nationally televised regular season game.

However, when it comes to Kerr and Popovich, the conversation is naturally about more than just basketball.

The two head coaches are some of the most respected figures in the NBA. They are also two of the most outspoken coaches when it comes to political and social issues.

They have not shied away from sharing their personal views on President Donald Trump.

"Honesty and integrity," Kerr said when asked what Popovich’s platforms would be. “Those would be two really key components for any person that wants to become president. Honesty and integrity would be fantastic to see. He would provide that.”

Warriors All-Star guard Stephen Curry agreed with his head coach, saying he “probably” would vote for Popovich as president. 

“I’ve seen Popovich-Kerr stickers running around,” Curry said. “He’s great for the NBA and would be even better for the country.” 

Kerr’s relationship with his mentor remains as strong as ever. Kerr’s son is an intern with the Spurs organization, and Kerr referred to his San Antonio visit as a family get-together.

"With Pop, the great thing is it always goes way beyond basketball in terms of the relationships and friendships,” Kerr said.

They are close, but Kerr currently has no interest in throwing his hat into the political ring despite the social media push for a Popovich-Kerr ticket in 2020.

"I would not be his vice president,” Kerr joked.

The Spurs and Warriors tip off at 7 p.m. on Thursday from the AT&T Center.

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