National Weather Service confirms EF1 tornado in San Antonio over Memorial Day weekend

Widespread straight-line wind damage also reported from Sunday night’s storms

Severe damage caused by tonado in northwest Bexar County

SAN ANTONIO – On Sunday night, both severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings were ongoing around San Antonio after 7 p.m., when a squall line moved through the KSAT12 viewing area in South Texas.

Pictures, video show lightning and damage from storms in San Antonio, surrounding areas

A “squall" is a line of storms that usually produces damaging wind gusts along the leading edge of the storms. Occasionally, quick spin-up tornadoes are embedded along the line. Therefore, it can be difficult to determine whether any storm damage is technically from a tornado or straight-line wind gusts -- especially when squall lines occur at night.

With radar indicated wind velocities of up to 80 to 100 mph Sunday night, damage was reported across northern Bexar County. This was especially true in the Wildhorse subdivision on the city’s northwest side.

Traveling through the neighborhood in the Storm Chaser, Meteorologist Justin Horne observed a roof ripped off of a house, windows shattered, and bits of trees and a fence post lodged in the siding of a garage.

Usually, the National Weather Service will send meteorologists to observe the damage patterns after an event to determine whether or not a tornado occurred.

Our local Austin/San Antonio Weather Service conducted a survey of the damage along Palomino Path in the Wildhorse subdivision on Monday.

EF-1 tornado ‘a living nightmare’ says Bexar County homeowner

They determined that an EF1 tornado with up to 100 mph winds was likely. Tornadoes are rated from EF0 up to EF5 based on wind speed, with a maximum EF5 tornado capable of producing wind speeds of greater than 200 mph.

Further information about the EF1 tornado’s path will be determined at a later date. Other damage throughout northern Bexar County and surrounding areas was determined to be caused by damaging straight-line winds. Thankfully, no injuries have been reported.

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Additional storms possible late Memorial Day

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