Devastation takes over Rockport after Hurricane Harvey slams through area

1 dead, businesses, homes torn to pieces

By Courtney Friedman - VJ, Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - One person is dead and dozens of business and homes have been torn to pieces by Hurricane Harvey’s power in the small town of Rockport, which took the storm’s biggest hit.

Many who stayed in town said they wish they hadn’t. One man saw his friend’s damaged business before anyone else. He said it’s news he wishes he didn’t have to deliver.

Contractor Ted Fowler stayed in Rockport because he wanted to help a few neighbors.

“It was scary. I made the decision to stay because I was boarding up houses yesterday,” Fowler said. “I screwed around too long and waited, missed my opportunity. So I just dug in and figured, ‘You know, how bad can it be?’ Well, it was pretty spooky.”

Within a couple of miles of Fowler’s home, there are smashed cars, flipped 18-wheelers and overturned trailers. His house is OK.

“My house is good. Even my chicken coop made it,” he said.

WATCH: Downtown Rockport Heritage District businesses see major destruction after Hurricane Harvey

The windows Fowler boarded up on his friend’s business held tight, but the rest of the building didn’t. Almost the entire business came down, but some small things were not destroyed.

Fowler received a text from the owner of the business earlier on Saturday.

“How do you sugar coat this? You can't. It's a total loss. An absolute total loss,” he said.

The power is out and there is no cellphone service in the area. People are driving miles out of town to make calls.

Fowlers said he wants to stay and help until his flood supply runs out.



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