KSAT Weather: Sunny stretch ahead; mountain cedar season begins downhill trend

Picture-perfect forecast carries on through Thursday

By Cole Vaughn - Weather Intern

SAN ANTONIO - Monday’s weather was like a breath of fresh air, and if you haven’t had enough of it, there’s plenty more to go around for the next few days.

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Tuesday’s Forecast

Tuesday starts with another crisp morning with temperatures just above freezing in the metro and at or below freezing in the Hill Country.

The sun will shine all day and it will warm our temperatures quickly. By lunch we’ll already be near 60 degrees and by afternoon we’ll be at a comfortable 65 degrees. 

Wednesday and Thursday

The stretch of beautiful weather continues on Wednesday and Thursday which will feature cool mornings and comfortable afternoons with all-day sun. Enjoy it now, though. The week won’t end on the same note.

Gloom returns for end of week

We’ll see a return of some clouds and drizzle as we get into Friday and Saturday. However, high temperatures will stay in the upper 60s with lows in the 50s.

Mountain cedar season heads downhill

While the mountain cedar will still be causing problems for a few more weeks, we have crossed an important threshold, statistically speaking. 

We are now technically past the peak of mountain cedar season, and our overall trend will be downhill from here on out. But, there will still likely be some strong bursts of mountain cedar over the next few weeks before the season wraps up.


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