Selena Quintanilla's family pulls Fiesta de la Flor from Corpus Christi

Unclear if the festival will move somewhere else


After five years of celebrating Selena in Corpus Christi, Fiesta de la Flor may be on the move.

In a news release published Thursday, the family announced that the festival will no longer be held in Corpus Christi.

"Unfortunately, even beautiful journeys must come to an end," the family wrote in the news release.

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The family thanked Corpus Christi and its residents for their work in putting on the event for the past five years. The family also thanked Selena's fan for their support.

It's unclear why the family chose not to move forward with Corpus Christi or whether they are considering a move somewhere else, but previous reporting showed the city was dealing with funding issues.

While there's no clear path forward for the festival, Selena's family said they're committed to continuing the work of the Selena Foundation.

"In Selena's beautiful spirit, the Selena Foundation has contributed thousands of dollars to organizations in Corpus Christi for the betterment of the community," according to the news release. "The Selena Foundation is committed to continuing Selena's belief that the impossible is possible."

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