Great Graduates: Daisy Escobedo

SAN ANTONIO – She's a robotics team leader, a valedictorian and a drum major. Daisy Escobedo seems like she can do it all. 

A senior at Edison High School in the San Antonio Independent School District, Daisy is building a bright future for herself and her community.

And if technology is our future, Daisy wants to be a big part of it.

"I like the idea that you can create something in your head and then bring it to life," Escobedo said.

She may be valedictorian and student council vice-president, but her real passion is in robotics. The two came together when she took steps to solve one of the real-life problems she sees. 

"I recently went to Washington to talk to the government about increasing the funds in STEM and in general, low-income communities. That way we can increase the resources we have," Daisy said.

She originally approached her robotics teacher as a curious and creative freshman.

"Even at that point, I knew that she would be an outstanding student. That's an engineer," Susan Ng, the robotics teacher said.

It may take late nights, hard work and perseverance, but Daisy's mom couldn't be more impressed. 

"I'm very proud of her, and I want her to know that," she said.

Like her robots, Daisy's journey is still being built. Her next stop is at the University of Texas in Austin, where she plans to study to become an engineer.

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