'Emma.' Deleted Scene: See a Moment of Resolution Between Emma, Jane and Frank Churchill (Exclusive)

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When adapting a classic novel like Jane Austen's Emma for the big screen, there are unfortunately some parts of the tale that end up on the cutting room floor.

Now, thanks to the digital, Blu-ray, DVD and OnDemand release of director Autumn de Wilde's brilliant new adaptation, fans can get a look at some lost parts of the story, including a bit of the resolution between the titular matchmaking heroine (played by Anya Taylor-Joy), Frank Churchill (Callum Turner) and Jane Fairfax (Amber Anderson).

As fans will remember, Frank and Jane were secretly engaged, but hid their romance from the citizens of Highbury due to Jane's low status. At the same time, Frank led Emma to believe he was interested in pursuing her, though it was simply a ruse meant to distract from his true affections.

In ET's exclusive deleted scene, Emma comes across Frank and Jane after their secret is out -- and after she has reached her own romantic resolution with Mr. Knightley (Johnny Flynn). The moment provides a bit of closure, and shows growth on Emma's part as she attempts to make amends with Jane after treating her with envious disdain throughout the film.

"I wish I had told you everything," Frank confesses to Emma in the clip. "I was once very near. What an impudent dog I have been."

"I do suspect you had very great enjoyment in tricking us all," she smirks back, not entirely forgiving. 

However, when Jane attempts to express her own regret -- "I had always a part to act. It was a life of deceit." -- Emma insists she owes her no apologies.

"I think there is a little likeness between myself and Mr. Churchill," Emma tells her former rival. "We shall both marry people far, far better than ourselves."

Earlier this year, ET spoke with Tanya Reynolds -- who steals scenes in the film as the hilariously vapid Mrs. Elton -- and she opened up about the revelatory moment she had while acting in the film, performing opposite Taylor-Joy and Bill Nighy outside “this amazing manor house with everyone in these gorgeous costumes.”

“I just had a moment where I was like, ‘When I was little and I knew I wanted to be an actor, this is what I imagined myself doing: being in a Jane Austen,’" she recalled. "My little 8-year-old self was jumping for joy.”

Emma. is available on Digital now and on Blu-ray, DVD and OnDemand on Tuesday, May 19.


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