George Lopez's scathing meme of president's family goes viral

Instagram post comes in wake of threat of ICE raids throughout nation

California comedian George Lopez took to Instagram on Saturday to post an inflammatory image about the first family, writing "Uh , @icegov “ if your listening “ you can find these immigrants at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave - Signed Enrique Enpanada the third."

Lopez's post, which has gone viral, comes the same day President Donald Trump announced that his administration would postpone scheduled U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids in 10 major cities throughout the U.S., including Houston.

The post included an image of the first lady, the president's ex-wife and some of his children, all the images manipulated to appear as if they are wearing sombreros. The word "Immigrant" is written next to Trump's current and former wives, and the words "anchor baby" are written next to each of the president's children.

While one person said, "I don’t see any lies here," others sounded their disagreement. 

One person wrote, "Alright since these celebrities care so much for these illegal immigrants, Trump should raise your taxes to 50% to support them since you care so much." Another chimed in, "Anchor baby is when the parents are illegals. That’s why your irrelevant. Stay out of politics. You don’t know what your talking about."

The term "anchor baby" is used as a derogatory way of describing an individual born to a noncitizen mother in a country that recognizes birthright citizenship.

According to The Associated Press, Trump's children did not receive birthright citizenship. Although Ivana Trump did not become a U.S. citizen until 1988 and gave birth to Ivanka Trump in 1981 and Eric Trump in 1984, because Donald Trump is a U.S. citizen, the children were also automatically citizens.