Now is the perfect time to get caught up on ‘WandaVision’ on Disney+

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as Wanda and Vision in "WandaVision" on Disney+. (Disney+)

If you’ve been wondering if you should start watching the latest offering from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, called “WandaVision” on Disney+, the answer is a resounding YES.

And this is especially if you’ve seen a majority of the movies that are in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or MCU for short.

While there have been other TV shows in the MCU, such as “Jessica Jones,” “Luke Cage” or “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” “WandaVision” feels like one of the first TV shows that’s directly intertwined with the main action in the MCU, especially since it takes place directly after the events of the last “Avengers” film.

The show follows Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch, and her love interest from the movies, Vision. Without giving away too much, Wanda and Vision are living in what can be best described as a simulation, and each episode, the duo are living in a different decade of a classic TV sitcom. It’s almost like a show within a show, with each episode giving us peeks into the normal world.

Episode one is like watching an “I Love Lucy” reboot, episode two is like “Bewitched” and episode three emulates the ‘70s vibe of “The Brady Bunch.” If you’re a fan of classic family sitcoms, you will love the doses of nostalgia that “WandaVision” delivers, from the sets, costumes and even the hair styles that characters wear.

Elizabeth Olsen reprises her role as Wanda, and MCU fans will be delighted to see characters from other movies pop up in the show, like Kat Dennings from the “Thor” movies, and Randall Park from “Doctor Strange.”

But who really makes a splash and steals every scene she is in is newcomer to the MCU, Kathryn Hahn. You’ll probably remember Hahn from her hilarious comedic performances in “Parks and Recreation” and the “Bad Moms” movies. In “WandaVision,” Hahn plays Wanda and Vision’s noisy neighbor Agnes, who always seems to pop up at just the right moment.

In last week’s episode, there was a huge secret reveled about Agnes, which changed the entire course of how “WandaVision” is going, which is the reason why it’s the perfect time to get caught up, because things are really starting to get juicy.

Now, if you’ve never seen a Marvel movie and want to watch “WandaVision,” the question arises: Will you understand what’s going on?

Well, I started watching “WandaVision” without having seen a single Marvel movie, and sure, the first episode was pretty confusing, but it’s for sure doable.

There are plenty of articles on the internet that will give you a full rundown of what happened before the events of “WandaVision,” but of course, you will end up reading some spoilers. As someone who doesn’t care too much about getting spoiled, I did this and the added context was very nice.

I’ve also had friends who just went right into the show without knowing anything beforehand -- and they are not only following the show, but are loving it just as much.

I’m loving the show so much that I’m even going back to the beginning of the MCU movies and watching them in timeline order, starting with the first “Captain America” film. It’s been such a fun ride, and has me questioning why I never gave these films a chance to begin with. They are so much more than just superhero action films.

There is only one more episode to come out of “WandaVision,” so you’ve got plenty of time to get caught up with the first eight, so you can see the finale with everyone else.

As someone who watches a lot of TV, I haven’t been this excited to see a finale of a show in quite some time. You can watch “WandaVision” on Disney+ with new episodes being released on Fridays.

And if you want to watch the Marvel movies, most of them are available to stream on Disney+, as well.

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