People wrapped Christmas presents shaped as objects they weren’t, and the reactions are hilarious

A gift that is wrapped to look like a shovel but actually isn't. (Mike Katona.)

Half of the fun of opening Christmas presents is trying to guess what is inside, and sometimes it can be pretty easy, like when it is a book or a shoe box.

It’s even easier if it is something like a shovel, which is why teens on Tik Tok played with this idea to try and trick their gullible parents.

Videos have been surfacing of people wrapping Christmas gifts to look like obvious gifts, but when people open them, they are stunned to find out that it’s just a normal gift.

To get a better idea of what we’re talking about, watch some of the Tik Tok videos below.

As you can see, this person had to wrap a pair of socks, but for the fun of it, they created a trombone out of wrapping paper and had the socks inside of the wrapping. So when the person who received the socks probably thought they were about to get a trombone, but instead, they just got socks.

How fun is that! Check out some more of the funny Tik Tok videos of this happening below. They are seriously so impressive.

An apple watch into a ladder? Iconic!

How do they even do this? I can barely wrap a regular gift, let alone building a picnic bench out of wrapping paper!

Hats off to these creative folks. It might be an extreme waste of paper, but the commitment to the joke is unparalleled. Keep up the good work, teens!

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