If you have a sweet tooth check out this pan dulce map of San Antonio

San Antonio is home to dozens of panaderias, which is your favorite?

Courtesy: Panifico Bake Shop

SAN ANTONIO – When it’s cold outside nothing sounds better than a piece of pan dulce with some coffee.

San Antonio is home to many panaderias making everything from conchas to empanadas and marranitos.

The places are:

  • La Panaderia
  • La Panaderia Bakery Cafe
  • Mi Tierra Cafe y Panaderia
  • Bedoy’s Bakery
  • Panifico Bake Shop
  • Cinderella Bakery
  • Fiesta Bakery
  • La Popular Bakery
  • Los Cocos Bakery
  • Las Palmas Bakery
  • Chico’s Bakery
  • La Superior Bakery
  • El Folklor Bakery
  • Sunshine Bakery
  • Panaderia Jimenez LLC
  • La Poblanita Bakery
  • Leon Nuevo Bakery
  • Panaderia La Promesa
  • Mayra’s Bakery
  • Mario’s Bakery
  • Dj Bakery
  • La Esmeralda

Below is a map of the many locations that bake these sweet treats.

**If we forgot a place comment below and we will add.

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