Flu has victims flooding SA emergency rooms

One pediatric flu-related death recorded in Bexar County

Officials from multiple San Antonio hospitals said a high number of flu cases has been the driving force behind an increase in visits to their emergency rooms.

"Way beyond normal expectations for the past two months," said Dr. Mark, Pediatrician-in-Chief for The Children's Hospital of San Antonio, which has seen an up to 25 percent increase in ER visits so far this year.

Gilger said that on Monday, the hospital's intensive care unit was at capacity, a factor he contributed in large part to flu-related and respiratory illnesses.

"I have heard that this is deadly. She could die from this, it's scary," said Laquisha Johnson, who was waiting for her 3-year-old daughter, Ma-Joli, to be tested for the flu Monday afternoon.

A spokeswoman for University Health System said its clinics and emergency department have seen a lot of activity, which does not appear to be "dropping off."

A San Antonio Metropolitan Health spokeswoman said with flu season expected to last until May, it's not too late to get a flu shot.

The spokeswoman said one flu-related pediatric death in Bexar County has been reported so far. The county usually records up to three flu-related deaths among children per year.

The number of total flu-related deaths in Bexar County was not available since influenza is not a reportable disease, the spokeswoman said.

Below is an interactive map of influenza activity across the state of Texas. (Click here if you can not see the map.)

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