FDA warns against eating popular 'dragon's breath' snacks treated with liquid nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen can cause life-threatening injuries, FDA says


The Food and Drug Administration is warning people against eating or touching the popular liquid nitrogen-treated snack known as "dragon's breath."

While liquid nitrogen isn't toxic, the FDA said that improper handling of the substance that makes the snacks emanate fog can lead to skin and internal organ damage. The substance's low temperatures can cause injuries.

"Foods and drinks prepared by adding liquid nitrogen immediately before consumption may be sold in malls, food courts, kiosks, state or local fairs and other food retail locations," the FDA said in a release. "These products may include liquid nitrogen-infused colorful cereal or cheese puffs that emit a misty or smoke-like vapor."

The FDA warned that even the vapors from the liquid nitrogen can cause breathing difficulty, especially in people with asthma.

Some life-threatening injuries have been reported, such as damage to skin and internal organs.