KSAT Community hosts Wishlist Wednesday to benefit Wish for our Heroes

Nonprofit provides hot meals to at-risk Veterans every Wednesday and Friday

KSAT Community Wishlist Wednesday - Wish for Our Heroes
KSAT Community Wishlist Wednesday - Wish for Our Heroes

SAN ANTONIO – KSAT Community is continuing its efforts to help support nonprofits, and this week, local nonprofit, Wish for our Heroes will be highlighted on Wishlist Wednesday, April 22.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Wish for our Heroes started a campaign “Feed a Veteran” to assist older at-risk Veterans by delivering them hot meals every Wednesday and Friday. These Veterans also receive essentials supplies every day of the week.

With support from the great community of San Antonio, KSAT Community will be raising awareness and support for Wish for our Heroes all day Wednesday.

Two ways you can support Wish for Our Heroes:

“None of us would be here today without the courage, dedication, and sacrifice of the Veterans who came before us,” said Jeff Wells, President and Founder of Wish for our Heroes. “They stepped forward to defend our great nation when all hope seemed to be lost, and now, I believe it’s our duty to return the favor. We must keep our Veterans safe during this difficult by keeping them at home, bringing them food, and doing everything possible to keep them away from this deadly virus.”

Like many nonprofits, COVID-19 has nearly eliminated the ability to raise funds for Wish for iur Heroes.

“Without the ability to host events and bring people together, we have had to adjust our fundraising to primarily internet-based strategies," said Wells." At the same time, the needs have been greater than ever. We allocated $50,000 for our Feed-a-Veteran program, all of which has been spent, because there are so many Veterans out there who need help. Without knowing how long this lockdown will last, we need to continue to raise funds to ensure we’ll be there for Veterans when they need us.”

How will donations be used to support Veterans?

One hundred percent of all donations received will be utilized to feed a Veteran.

“The Veterans who receive food are so happy,” Wells said. “Not only are they thrilled to receive the food, but it doesn’t get much better than receiving a free, four-course gourmet meal prepared by Chef Thierry from The Grill at Leon Springs. Each day after delivering the meals, the Veterans call and thank us for the incredible food. The portions Chef Thierry prepares usually last two to three days.”

One $20 donation feeds a Veteran for an entire week, and there is no administrative overhead associated with this program.

“All donations will be used to put food on tables for our incredible San Antonio Veterans," said Wells. “Twenty dollars is a very small token of our appreciation for the tremendous sacrifices these men and women have made throughout World War II, Korea, Vietnam and our nation’s history. Sacrifices that allow us to enjoy the greatest privilege in the world, freedom.”

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KSAT Community Wishlist Wednesday raises more than 24k for Children’s Shelter

KSAT Community phone bank raises more than $40k for Meals on Wheels S.A.

For more information, visit wishforourheroes.org.

KSAT Community operates in partnership with University Health System, Energy Transfer and Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union.

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