Wife of Staff Sgt. Luis Walker: My husband is innocent

Walker serving 20-year prison term

SAN ANTONIO – The wife of a Lackland Air Force Base training instructor convicted of sexual assault in July feels her husband was used as a scapegoat by the military.

Yeimi Walker said she researched the cases of other servicemen convicted of the same crime and found her husband Staff Sgt. Luis Walker's punishment, a 20-year prison term, was by far the harshest.

She feels Walker didn't get a fair trial, and was simply made an example of.

Two other Lackland training instructors convicted of similar crimes after Walker received a fraction of his sentence.

"If they're trying to set an example, why not keep that example going.  But they have not," said Yeimi Walker.

Luis Walker was accused by 10 different women of various forms of sexual assault and harassment. 

Two women said Walker coerced them into sex using his rank.

Yeimi Walker continues to believe her husband is innocent.  She said he plans to appeal his case, and hopes for a reduced sentence.

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