Alleged infant killer free on bond

Dominique Reed posted bail while awaiting trial for Oct. 2010 crime

SAN ANTONIO – Grandmother Diane Blair is furious. She wants to know why the father of her dead granddaughter, Zaniyah Reed, is out of jail.

"She would have been 3-years-old July 28, that's how old my baby would have been, and I miss her very much, she was a beautiful, beautiful baby, here's the picture , she was only 2 1/2 months old when she was murdered by her father," said Blair.

She said Dominique Reed has been in jail for killing his daughter for the past three years. She had no idea, he made bail, and bonded out in April.

"They'll let someone out who supposedly killed their baby on a $150,000 bond with 10 percent of that, that's $15,000 that's all my precious grand baby was worth."

Blair knew he was out when she saw him at her job, the Walmart on route 78, in Converse.

When she saw him there, she didn't talk to him or approach him. All she wanted to know was how he managed to get out of jail.

She said, "he can be out walking around coming to my job like who who look at me, you thought I was in jail but I'm not , I don't appreciate that."

Reed was arrested and charged with the murder of his daughter Zaniyah Diane Reed in October 2010.

According to court documents, Reed struck the new born with a deadly weapon, his hand, that in the manner of its use and intended use was capable of causing death and serious bodily injury causing the baby to die. Blair said Reed brought the baby back to them, as if the baby were asleep.

"When I unwrapped her she was white as a ghost and flopping around and couldn't hold her head. I told my daughter start screaming he gone and killed your baby," Blair said.

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