Firearm expert says child-related gun accidents avoidable

12-year-old boy fatally shot while group was playing with gun on East Side

SAN ANTONIO – Family and friends are mourning the loss of a 12-year-old boy who was accidentally shot and killed early Thursday morning inside his East Side home.

San Antonio police say the victim, identified as Julian Karnazuta-Gomez, two other children and a 14-year-old were playing with the gun when it was fired.  

KSAT spoke to a local gun expert who said accidents such as this one can always be prevented.

Kyle Odom, manager at A Place To Shoot, said there is no reason loaded guns should be laying around a home.

"It's every firearm owner's responsibility to maintain and store their firearm in a safe manner," Odom said.

A Place To Shoot offers special classes every week to teach gun owners how to properly use a gun and how to safely store them.

A gun safe can be used to limit access and a cable lock can be used to disable guns.

Odom said children, especially, need to be taught how to respect guns at an early age.

"Get them past that curiosity stage. Instill in them respect for the gun. It's not a toy and give them exposure to it," Odom said.

Karnazuta-Gomez's death is the second accidental shooting involving a child in less than three months.

In May, 6-year-old Jennilynn Montana was killed after being accidentally shot in the face.

Police said she and her sister got a hold of a shotgun inside their Southeast Side home.

Karnazuta-Gomez's parents said they had no idea the gun was brought into their home. The shooting remains under investigation.

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