Bracken Store Cafe to close

Eatery shutting down Dec. 13

The Bracken Store Cafe will shut its doors after 26 years of serving burgers and other delicious food.

According to the restaurant's website, the owner and landlord could not agree on a lease agreement.

"I would like to thank all of our customers over the last 26 years for the loyalty and patronage they have extended to me and my staff," owner Linda Waggoner said on her eatery's website. "Over the years many of our customers have become more like family and the thought of this ending is devastating for my staff and me. It is my hope that I will be able to find another location and reopen at a future date." 

Customers can send an email to brackenstorecafe@gmail.com to be notified if the restaurant reopens.

The eatery in Bracken has been voted No. 1 for the best burger in SA Guide.

The last day of business will be Dec. 13.

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