Hulk the pit bull is a gentle giant

At 173 pounds, Hulk is the biggest pit bull on the planet

SAN ANTONIO – At a little over 173 pounds, Hulk is the biggest pit bull on the planet.

Just let that sink in: 173 pounds. That's as heavy as a full grown man. And he's only 18 months old, which means he's only going to get bigger.

Naturally, video of this colossal canine being weighed on a scale has gone viral. It's been viewed more than 8.3 million times on YouTube since Feb. 2.

To celebrate his newfound celebrity, Hulk and his family took a trip to New York this week to make an appearance on "Good Morning America."

Hulk even took his best friend, 3-year-old Jordan Grennan, on a bully-back ride through Times Square. The pair sings together, plays together and naps together.

Then for a little R&R, Hulk was treated to a spa day.

Hulk's owner, Marlon Grennan, told GMA his gentle giant is a member of a misunderstood breed.

"A lot of the time because of, you know, who owns the dog," Grennan said. "A dog is only as good as the owner."

Grennan must be pretty great because Hulk is a huge sweetheart.

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