New viral craze shows teens calling out to an evil spirit named Charlie

Does game summon up a real spirit?


SAN ANTONIO – Its a new viral craze called, "The Charlie, Charlie Challenge."

Teens all over the country are posting videos where they allegedly summon an evil Mexican spirit named Charlie.

What may be just a silly game to many, has some parents worried.

Local psychic and medium Marie Simpson tells us there is nothing to worry about.

"I think when we become obsessed when something like that, then it can become a negative thing or if people become obsessed with the idea that they have to get answers," said Simpson.

So how does the game work?

On a piece of paper you draw two lines intersecting and an each square you either write yes or no.

Next you balance two pencils in the middle.

Once you have the game complete you say "Charlie, Charlie are you there?" or "Charlie, Charlie do you want to play?"

Simpson does go on to tell that she believes there are spirits out there but feels that they aren't evil.

Where did Charlie come from?

Nobody really knows where this game originated or if Charlie is real.

The game itself has been played by kids in Spanish speaking countries for years.

According to a recent Washington Post article, the game is also called "Lapicera" or "the poor man's Ouija board."

Rumors online is that Charlie is a child who either committed suicide or was killed in a car accident.

There are also no reports of Charlie ever doing any harm to anybody and that there is an explanation behind why the pencils actually move.

Below is a video of our Erica Hernandez playing the game and other YouTube videos.


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