SAPD: Shooting of man who answered door may be random crime

33 year old victim hit 3 times

SAN ANTONIO – The shooting of a 33-year-old man after he answered a middle-of-the-night knock on his door appears to be a random crime, according to the San Antonio Police Department.

Officer Douglas Greene, a spokesman for SAPD, said investigators have no reason to doubt the victim’s story.

“Face value, thus far, it just appears like a random incident, a complete stranger,” Greene said.

The victim told officers who responded to his home in the 100 block of Highway Drive on the city's East Side that he heard a knock on his door just before 4:30 a.m. Tuesday.

He said the early morning visit was unexpected, so he grabbed his handgun as a precaution and cracked the door open a bit. The victim said a man -- who he didn’t know -- asked to use his phone.

“When the victim refused, the suspect (fired) several rounds through the door,” Greene said. "The victim was able to return fire. We're not sure yet if the suspect was hit or not."

The man inside the home suffered gunshot wounds to his upper body, arm and leg, Greene said.  He underwent surgery at San Antonio Military Medical Center.

With a helicopter in the air and dogs on the ground, police searched the neighborhood near East Houston Street and W.W. White Road. Greene said they did not find the shooter, or any sign that he might have been wounded.

Greene said investigators have decided not to file charges against the man who lives in the home.  Greene said the victim did nothing wrong by firing back at someone who shot him.

“The victim was there and had his own personal protection and used it, rightfully so,” he said. “Here in the state of Texas, you have the right to responsibly protect yourself and your property.”

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