Mother mourns son shot to death at NW Side apartment complex

Brett Gorecki, 19, killed Tuesday morning on Fairhaven Street

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio mother is mourning her teenage son after he was shot and killed early Tuesday morning at a Northwest Side apartment complex off of Fairhaven Street.

Wendy Gorecki said a detective on the scene told her that her son, Brett Gorecki, 19, had been murdered.

"I called Brett's phone this morning (Tuesday morning) and the detective answered it," Wendy Gorecki said. "He said he had Brett's phone and he needed to talk to me."

The detectives told Wendy Gorecki that Brett was shot three or four times, even as he tried to run away.

"I was just thinking about that," Wendy Gorecki said. "Brett's last few minutes of life, what that must have been like. He must have been so afraid. He knew that he was probably going to be killed."

Wendy Gorecki said she cannot process why someone would do this to her son.

"He doesn't have any malice inside him," she said. "That's not the kind of person he is. He's just ... he's man to man, Johnny on the spot, you don't have to ask him to do anything. He's right there."

Wendy Gorecki said what hurts most is that she did not get to say goodbye.

"It's just heart-breaking," she said. "I wish I could see Brett again. "I never got to say goodbye to him. That's all I wanted. I just wanted to see him."

Police said three or four suspects got away in a dark-colored vehicle.

Wendy Gorecki is asking anyone who may know anything about what happened to her son to call police.

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