Indicted Crystal City mayor not ready to leave office

CRYSTAL CITY, Texas – Beleaguered Crystal City Mayor Ricardo Lopez said residents tell him he should remain in office until the appropriate process for removing him is completed.  

Many gathered to hear his Saturday afternoon press conference and watched as he explained why he should stick around a little while longer.  

Former Crystal City Municipal Judge Dora Palomo said she wants him to step down,

"We don't want him around. He should have left a long time ago," Palomo said.

At his press conference, Lopez wouldn't answer any questions about his indictment.  

He said he would step down as mayor but wasn't specific about when that would happen.  

"I'm here to let them know that I was here to sign the city agenda the proper way to announce it to the City Council of the petition and the signatures to be sufficient," Lopez said.

Former City Clerk Santos Camarillo said Lopez sounds like he is trying to separate himself from the others who were also indicted by the FBI for bribery.  

"Bottom line, I mean about resigning he kept saying ‘they, they and they.’ But for the longest time he's been part of ‘they,’” Camarillo said.