Defenders update: North Side homeowner clears mess from yard

Neighbor complains of vacant home attracting vandals

SAN ANTONIOUPDATE: The city of San Antonio said Tuesday that the owner of a house in the 12000 block of Stoney Summit has cleaned up a mess that had neighbors complaining.

Before the yard was cleaned, there were overturned trash cans, balloons, streamers and other debris around the property.

After issuing a violation notice to the owner, the city planned to clean up the mess on Tuesday and bill the owner for the work.

The city said the owner cleaned up the yard before city workers had to step in.

Original Story (aired Monday)

Trash cans over turned, balloons withering away, and streamers barely hanging on to columns and garage doors.

It may sound like the remnants of a party but living next to the eyesore is anything but a good time for neighbor, Diedra, who declined to give her last name.

“It’s very stressful to live next door to and I’m hoping that this brings attention,” she said.

The right kind of attention, anyway.

Diedra says, for years, no one has lived at this home on the 12000 block of Stoney Summit in the Stone Ridge neighborhood on the North Side.

But people are stopping by- for all the wrong reasons.

“It’s been vandalized multiple times. I have called the police many times. With children going into it using baseball bats, holes in the wall,” Deidra said.

Outside, the yard is full of overgrown grass, overturned trash cans and advertisements randomly placed in front of the home.

Deidra says she's made numerous complaints to her homeowners association, the city, and police.

"If I would want to sell my house, how would that even be possible? Nobody wants to live next door to this,” she said.

The city’s Development Services, the umbrella organization that includes code enforcement, is aware of the problems at the home and has previously given the owner a violation and 10 days to clean things up.

That didn’t happen, says Rod Sanchez, director of Development Services.

“So tomorrow or the next day we're going to have the property cut and cleaned up and then we're going to bill the owner for that work,” Sanchez said.

Code enforcement will also remove the streamers, balloons and signs.

"Some people think it is funny, they drive by laughing taking pictures. It is not funny,” said Deidra. “We can't just have our community like this and live next door.”

According to Spectrum Management Association, the property is involved in a pending bankruptcy case. HOA board members are aware of the problems at the property and are working with Code Enforcement and SAPD to permanently clean up the mess.

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