City issues vacate order for Plaza Mobile Home Park

Water shut off in March, April, June

SAN ANTONIO – The clock's ticking for people living in a northeast side mobile home park after the city issued a notice to vacate yesterday.

Residents received their notice after their water was shut off yet again. KSAT-12's been covering the issues at 811 Corinne Drive since 2012. San Antonio Water System cut off services to the property in March, April and June this year for lack of payment from property owner Joseph Sandoval.

A SAWS spokeswoman says Sandoval owes $4,500 and the last check posted as payment to the account bounced.

"I'm pissed," resident Lisa Johnson said.

Johnson and few others held out hope that things would get better.

"He was out here about a month ago and he made promises to all the tenants and everyone saying 'I'll make sure I pay it on time' and everything and apparently he's not."

"It's been six months almost he hasn't paid me," former park manager Pat Molina said. Her family is in the same boat as many of her former tenants.

"It's not safe. It's not sanitary without running water," the city of San Antonio Development Services Director Rod Sanchez said about the mobile home park.

Sanchez said Sandoval has been fined a total of $1,200 for four civil violations.

"Now that the park's been vacated we can take our time, we can file a criminal case against him. If we're successful, which I believe we will be, he'll have a criminal record for not doing the right thing," Sanchez said.

The city's Department of Human Services is working with each Plaza Mobile Home Park household.

Assistance varies from help with deposits, first month's rent, storage services and utility assistance at their new homes. Case workers are developing transition plans for the families affected.