Man says he lost $150K in home-buying nightmare

Steve Thatcher may have to leave his dream home

DEVINE, Texas – A man says he's out $150,000 and fears he may soon be forced out of his dream home in Devine.

"They need to get caught," Steve Thatcher said.

Thatcher is referring to whoever has the thousands of dollars he wired as a down payment on the house he's currently living in. The seller allowed him to rent the home during the buying process.

"To me, this was going to be my first home that I was buying for my family, my kids. My dream home," Thatcher said.

When efforts by Thatcher's Realtor to finance traditionally failed, the pair were referred by a local mortgage broker to Infinite Properties, a company that is allegedly in McAllen in the Rio Grande Valley.

Thatcher said the down payment he sent the company apparently never made it to the seller.

"We've all been victimized. My heart goes out more to the homeowner," Joseph Cuellar, Thatcher's Realtor, said.

Cuellar said his real estate office is aware of 10 clients who allegedly lost money to Infinite Properties.

KSAT-12 News called several phone numbers given to us for the company but couldn't reach anyone.

"They need to go to jail, prison, and I hope they do," Thatcher said.

Thatcher's fiance filed a report with the Devine Police Department. Officers referred them to the San Antonio Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Thatcher is looking for legal representation. In the meantime, he's renting the Devine home again.