Protesters gather at City Hall to oppose proposed police contract

Advocates want proper police accountability

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SAN ANTONIO – Protesters gathered at San Antonio City Hall Wednesday afternoon in opposition to the proposed police contract.

Unlike the pay and health care debates that dominated the negotiations, these protesters are worried about sections of the contract dealing with things like discipline.

A protest organizer said the demonstration wasn’t an official Black Lives Matter protest, but it was in support of the cause.

Protesters said they are against provisions in the contract that they said prevent proper police accountability — things like not being able to take old offenses into consideration past a certain point for discipline during arbitration hearings, and giving officers 48 hours advance notice before they’re to be questioned by internal affairs.

Protesters are asking City Council to vote no on the contract when it comes up Sept. 1.

"We have families that want justice, that need justice, and we're trying to combat a system that tells us … that black lives don't matter,” said Johnathan-David Jones, protest organizer. “That is reinforced by contracts like this, when we can't even find justice or even the system would even allow us to even if we wanted to."

Jones said the group plans to be heard at a meeting where several members plan to speak Wednesday evening. 

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Garrett Brnger is a reporter with KSAT 12.