DA LaHood gives thoughts on ICE detainers in Bexar County

SAN ANTONIO – In recent weeks, District Attorney Nico LaHood watched and listened to the debate on Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainers in Bexar County. On Wednesday, He went from observer to participant on the topic.

"This is not about Obama and Trump. It's just not. The bottom line is we've been complying with federal detainers for years and years and years," LaHood said.

Nico LaHood took an oath when he became the Bexar County district attorney.

"I can't focus on any one group or individual. I have to look at justice, balance and due process," he said.

On Monday, Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar reluctantly complied with an order from Gov. Greg Abbott's office to hold ICE detainers. It's a deal that kept $9 million in state grant money in the county's hands.

LaHood said the governor was working well within his authority.

"The federal law says any sheriff has the legal option to comply or not. I think they should have the legal option to do that. Now, I think that every sheriff should comply," LaHood said.

As an attorney, LaHood has represented families who have come to the country illegally. He also said his brother-in-law has been waiting nine years to become a citizen.

"Most people think of that good family that just wants to better themselves. And what wouldn't we do for our children? I get it, but we still have laws," LaHood said.

As the LaHood's stance on immigration is black and white, there’s still due process to face.

"Lady Justice wears a blindfold. She doesn't care if you're documented, not documented, citizen or not. Did you break the law? Do we have evidence to prove that you broke the law? Period," LaHood said.

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