United Airlines passenger forcefully dragged off plane after flight overbooked

Video shows man being pulled from window seat by law enforcement officials

Courtesy: Twitter
Courtesy: Twitter

CHICAGO – Viral video shows a United Airlines passenger being pulled from a window seat and dragged off the flight at Chicago O’Hare Airport on Sunday.

According to reports, flight 3411 bound for Louisville, Kentucky, was overbooked and United was asking for volunteers at the gate to take a later flight, offering $400 and a hotel stay.

Once the flight was boarded, United increased the offer to $800, but no one volunteered.

The airlines then announced the flight would not depart until four passengers volunteered for United employees who needed to be in Louisville for a Monday flight, and that a computer would make the selection if no one accepted the offer.

Passenger Audra Bridges told the Louisville Courier-Journal that a couple was selected and left, but when the man in the video was selected, he contested saying he was a doctor who needed to see patients Monday morning.

That’s when law enforcement was forced to take action and dragged the man from his seat pulling him across the aisle to the front of the plane.

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