U.S. heroes head back to the skies for free Dream Flights

Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation flying seniors in vintage planes


Local American heroes are getting the chance to relive the most thrilling moments of their lives. The Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation is bringing U.S. pilots back to the skies.

The sound of propellers tugs at Col. Glenn Nordin's heart. 

"Once you've soloed an airplane you're hooked for life. Never get over the experience and thrill of flying," Nordin said. 

For the first time in a long time, the 30-year Airforce veteran took to the skies in a Steerman biplane.

"Wonderful! It felt good to get in the air. Open cockpit," he said. "Just back in your element, just so thrilling, just wonderful to be up flying around fresh and free in the air."

He climbed out of the plane and sealed the ride with a thumbs up and joyous smile. 

"We love giving back to those who have given us what we have today. These are heroes," said Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation director and pilot Tim Newton. 

The foundation lets veterans and seniors around the nation go up in three vintage planes for free Dream Flights.

"After the flight you see them come down, they're grinning from ear to ear, sometimes they're singing, we've had them crying before, they get on the ground and kiss the ground, it's just a very emotional time for them," Newton said.

"I flew the F-80 the F-86 the F-100 the F-4 and the F-15. I flew in Vietnam, 169 combat missions, 106 over North Vietnam, I was shot down (and) picked up," Nordin said. 

One with the sky, he feels the sense of freedom he fought for all those years ago.

The organization will give 1,000 free flights this year, and the demand is getting too high for just three planes. 

The Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation will participate in the Big Five on Thursday, and all the money raised will go towards buying a new plane. Volunteers are half way to their fundraising goal of $90,000.


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About the Author:

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