2 men drink half bottle of tequila in back seat of car before stealing truck, police say

HOUSTON – A Southeast Houston resident saw two men on surveillance video as they stole his neighbor’s pickup truck.

It happened in the Las Palmitas neighborhood near Hobby Airport.

Joe Orozco said when the thieves couldn’t get into his vehicle, they went straight to his neighbor’s truck, which was parked just a few doors down from his house.

Bobby Jimenez said he woke up the next morning, got ready for work and saw that his 2002 silver Dodge Ram was gone.

“I couldn't believe it. I thought I was still asleep, thought I was dreaming. I went in and told my wife and she couldn't believe it either,” Jimenez said.

The crooks didn’t have to force their way into the truck.

[WATCH: SE Houston truck theft surveillance video]

They stole it after finding the spare key in the glove box of Jimenez's wife’s car.

Jimenez said the men trashed the inside of her car and helped themselves to something that did not belong to them.

“These guys had the nerve to sit in the back seat and drink half a bottle of tequila,” Jimenez said.

Orozco said Houston police are investigating the incident.

“These guys got some nerve to be doing that -- messing with people's cars, messing with people's property. I hope they get caught. I hope they get caught and I hope it's not too late before they hurt somebody. That's the next step. They are fixing to hurt somebody,” Orozco said.


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