Student slams Tex-Mex food in college newspaper, Texans shut her down

Author: Queso ‘congealing substance that never looks too far off from Velveeta'


AUSTIN, Texas – People are responding to a recent opinion column written in the Daily Texan, the student newspaper at the University of Texas-Austin.

Titled “Tex-Mex might be a pillar in Texas culture, but that doesn't mean it’s good food,” author Audrey Larcher basically slams the beloved staple for many people across the state and especially in San Antonio.

After a quick "history lesson," Larcher goes straight for the jugular, saying, “The cornerstone ingredients should be enough to send any well-minded consumer running in the opposite direction.”

Reagan Stuart was quick to comment, “This might be the worst thing ever published by the Daily Texan.”

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While, yes, queso, guacamole and salsa have become commonplace across the country, here in in the Alamo City, we appreciate the value a well-seasoned comal can add to tortillas, carne guisada, menudo and tripas. Many learned to love this food in the confines of our grandmother’s kitchen.        

And speaking of queso, the author even called a beloved side dish “a congealing substance that never looks too far off from Velveeta … and most dips can be boiled down to the same cheap, warmed up cheese.”

Typically, this is where a quick, “no she didn’t,” comes into play, but, alas, she did.

The column ends by saying we should embrace Czech or Central European influences. The article identifies the author as a freshman, but has she never been to West, Fredericksburg or New Braunfels? The Lone Star State has plenty of love for all the cultures that have shaped our state.

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One commenter, ColtsFan254, responded, “Much of Texas history is Mexican history. Mexican food is very regional and to say something like Tex-Mex isn't true Mexican food seems ignorant of the rich textures of Mexican cuisine.”

The comment ended by saying, “One more thing. When you suggest European food over the food of poor native people it reeks of neocolonialism.”

All this talk of food has made us hungry. I think I know what’s for dinner.


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