First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs will hold Sunday church service in tent

Tent service donated by San Antonio business, Illusions

Sutherland Springs – In the midst of mourning, church will go on. 

"It's a good thing that everybody should keep it up, don't drop it, never," Tomas Sanchez, a supporter from San Antonio said.

People who attended a funeral for Richard and Therese Rodriguez, two of the 26 slain, were happy to know the congregation will meet Sunday.

"Pastor Pomeroy was one of the speakers at the Rodriguez memorial service and one of the things that he said, very similar to what Martin Luther King said, darkness can not drive out darkness, only light can." Obed Munoz said.

The inside of the building where the massacre happened is being repaired and painted white in preparation to be an open memorial site Sunday.

A white tent is being constructed at a nearby baseball field to serve as a temporary home for the First Baptist congregation and visitors. 

"I'm out here from Oregon to do what we call a presence ministry, just be present and be a resource for those who do want it," Kyle Kneen, a chaplain from Oregon said.

Saturday, passers by tried their best to explain to their little ones what happened.

"As a pastors daughter myself it was heart felt, it hit home " Askaskia Hobbs said. 

A few weeks ago, the First Baptist church of Sutherland Springs had just about a few dozen members. Now, up to a thousand people will be able to gather in the tent -- many from the Sutherland Springs community and others from all around the country.

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