KSAT-12 News special 'After Sutherland Springs' airs Tuesday at 9 p.m.

Hour-long program takes close look at massacre of 26 during church service

SAN ANTONIO – A KSAT-12 special will examine the aftermath of the shooting inside the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, where 26 parishioners were killed during Sunday morning church services Nov. 5.

Steve Spriester will host the hour-long program. It reflects on that fateful day that a gunman opened fire on the church, was confronted by two good Samaritans who chased after him and engaged in a shootout with the suspect, who committed suicide before officers could reach the scene.

Life 'After Sutherland Springs'

Much of the special, called "After Sutherland Springs," focuses on the fallout of the shooting, including how the gunman was able to buy guns because his conviction for domestic violence and stay at a mental hospital did not turn up in background checks.

The coverage also includes a look at how other mass shooters were able to get their hands on guns. In some cases, those suspects legally purchased them. In others, they had access to them. In a few cases, the suspects sought help for mental health problems but were still allowed to buy the guns later used in shootings.


"That's probably the worst scene I've ever seen," FBI Special Agent in Charge Christopher Combs said.

He and two other with the San Antonio office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation talk about the time they spent investigating the Sutherland Springs shooting, including why it's important not just for the victims and survivors to get mental health treatment but also the first responders.

What would you do if your routine was interrupted by an emergency like an active shooter or a fire? The Bexar County Sheriff's Office provides free training to groups who want to learn how to prepare for just about any situation. The special will share some of those tips. To schedule the training, call 210-335-6169.

The special will also include information on the "See Something, Say Something" campaign. "What are signs someone might be planning to hurt someone? What information should you make note of? How do you report it?" Those questions will be answered.

Throughout the program, first responders will also detail how they have conversations about these events with their children. They will also share tips about how they stay alert when they're off-duty.

Finally, "After Sutherland Springs" includes messages of hope from First Baptist's Pastor Frank Pomeroy and other local religious leaders who want people to continue to believe in the good of others and not to give in to fear. 

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