Dozens of bats fly inside Texas Walmart

Retailer said it's working to remedy situation

ALVIN, Texas – At Walmart, you can save money and live better and you can also shop with real, live bats.

At least, you can at the Walmarton Highway 35 Bypass North at Highway 6 in Alvin. A customer posted video of a group of bats flying low to the ground there on Monday.

"It definitely makes shopping for your produce interesting," shopper Christy White said.

Shoppers said the bats have returned after being spotted inside the store several times over the past year.

Employees apparently use unconventional methods to shoo away the flying mammals.

"They were kind of herding them toward the exits," White said. "They were flying low enough at that point where they were kind of flopping their jackets at them and chasing them out of the store."

WATCH: Bats flying around inside Alvin Walmart

The bats raised safety and health concerns for some customers.

Bobbie Brock said the bats were swarming near the produce. She steered clear of the apples and cucumbers.

"If I was gonna buy it and I was gonna eat it, yes, it would bother me," Brock said.

Tim Bentley shared those concerns.

"They need to get them out of there," Bentley said. "I don't know if it's safe to have people in there. I don't know what they should do but they should maybe get everybody out while they get control of the bats."

There have been no reports of any customers being bitten by the bats, but they certainly are catching everyone's attention.

"It was definitely a spectacle," White said. "There were people standing there, stopping in the aisles and watching them, and kids who were a little bit upset about the bats coming at them."

KSAT sister station KPRC contacted Walmart to ask about the bat problem.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the company said:

"We are aware of the situation at our Alvin, TX store and are working with our service provider to ensure safe removal of the bats."

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