Open-minded dad sends daughter profane, funny text about her non-Spurs beanie

"Someone come get my father"

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SAN ANTONIO – Amber Lee Resendez, 24, posted a screenshot to Twitter of a conversation she had with her father, Roy, and it’s hilarious.

But before anyone thinks Roy was serious, Amber's clearly in on the joke.

At any rate, her dad was mad -- not about her sexual orientation or about the time she's taken to graduate college or even how clean her room is (or isn't) -- but about something of a more sartorial nature.

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Her dad made it clear that he wasn't happy that she left the house wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers beanie because they live in a “Spurs household.”

“I’m not even a Cleveland fan. I lost my Spurs beanie and my mom wouldn’t let me leave the house without one because it’s cold outside," Resendez told

Resendez, whose tweet has been shared more than 2,000 times, said she received the beanie as a gift a few years ago.

WARNING: There is coarse language in the tweets below that might upset some readers.

Read the exchange below:

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