'It didn't look good at all': Woman who rendered aid to Converse victim until EMS arrived

Police say gunman shot 17-year-old in head in struggle over package

CONVERSE, Texas – A teenager is fighting for his life after he was shot in the head Sunday afternoon after meeting up with a suspect at the Macarthur Park neighborhood pool, police said.

Converse Police Department Capt. Robert Avella said the victim, 17, and a friend were asked to go to the pool in the 10100 block of Macarthur Way to meet up with the assailtant. 

Avella said the shooter attempted to steal a package from the victim and that the victim attempted to take the package back when the suspect shot him in the head. 

Police said the victim, the friend and the gunman were in a car when the shooting happened. It's unclear to whom the car belongs to, but Converse Police Chief Fidel Villegas said the shooter was in the back seat and the victim and his friend were in the front seats.

"At some point there was some kind of an altercation between the victim and the suspect over a package, possibly a backpack, and the suspect produced a handgun, small caliber, and fired one shot and struck the victim in the head," Villegas said. 

Avella said marijuana was found in the car, but he wasn't sure if that's what was being exchanged at the time of the shooting. Villegas said the gunman took off with the package.

The victim's friend told police he did not know the gunman, but that the victim knew him. Police said the gunman fled on foot.

Authorities are looking for a an African-American male who is in his teens and approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall. The suspect was last seen wearing cargo pants and a gray hoodie. The San Antonio Police Department's helicopter is searching for the suspect.

The victim is in the intensive care unit at San Antonio Military Medical Center. Villegas said the victim's friend is cooperating with authorities in their investigation.

Natalie Cavazos said she was driving down the street with her wife when someone waved her down for help.

"I immediately jumped out of the car because I saw this kid on the floor. His head was gushing blood. I grabbed something real quick and applied pressure to his head because that's where the wound was, and I checked for a heartbeat," Cavazos said. "(His heart) was going really really fast, so I just applied pressure until the EMS got here and I let them take over."

Cavazos said the teenager was partially laying in the back seat of the car and laying in the street when she rendered aid. 

"It didn't look good at all," Cavazos said. "I just hope he is ok. He's very young. It's unlikely for something like that to happen right around the street from my house."

She said she didn't see the gunman.

"I just remembered his mom running from that corner hysterical," Cavazos said. "That's her son. So I was just trying to do my best until EMS got there. She said 'My son, I love you. God help me." 

Shooting in Converse. Teen in ICU

Posted by Garrett Brnger on Sunday, February 25, 2018

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