More than 20 animals removed from Cibolo home in 'animal hoarding situation,' police say

SAN ANTONIO – More than 20 cats and dogs were removed from a home in Cibolo Sunday morning. Officials in Cibolo rescued them from what they called an animal hoarding situation.

Cibolo Police served a warrant  on the home around 8 a.m. Sunday after receiving noise and smell complaints regarding the home in the 100 block of Sioux Circle.

As of 1:30 p.m. Sunday, 26 cats and dogs were removed from the home. Cibolo city ordinances state you can only have a maximum of three pets.

Authorities described the conditions in the home as being unkempt.

“Based on the fecal matter, the ammonia with urine -- there are some health concerns that are possible, so as a precaution (officers) wore suits with gloves and everything taped and masks to make sure they don’t inhale anything” Lt. Chris Kotzur of the Cibolo Police Department said.

The animals rescued from the home appear to be in fair condition, police said.

They will be taken to a local animal shelter and screened for health concerns.

The pets may be used as evidence as the investigation continues. When the case is closed, officials said the animals could be put up for adoption.

The owner of the home the dogs were rescued from could be facing criminal charges, but police said they are still investigating.

The Cibolo Police Department said animals are being checked for microchips to see if any of the animals belonged to a different owner. 

UPDATE: 1708hrs: The search warrant is complete. A total of 6 dogs and 29 cats were removed. There is still much to be...

Posted by Cibolo Police Department on Sunday, March 4, 2018

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