Firefighter finds his stolen truck completely stripped of wheels, left on blocks

‘It really makes things tight and really stressed,' victim says


LIVE OAK, TexasUPDATE 4/22/18: Police have located Kirby firefighter Justin Morris' truck. Authorities said the truck in a parking lot missing its wheels and left on blocks. The car was impounded, but Morris isn't sure where it was impounded from.


Kirby firefighter Justin Morris thought he was being pranked when his truck was missing from its parking spot inside his gated apartment complex.

“I woke up to run some errands and I saw that my truck was out of its parking spot,” Morris said. “At first, I thought some friends had moved it or something, but then I realized that reality was that my truck was stolen.”

The theft reportedly happened in Live Oak overnight Wednesday. Morris’ truck is a white 2000 Ram 2500 Diesel that he has had since high school.

“I put a lot of money in it,” Morris said. “I take a lot of pride in my truck, so, yes, I would love to have it back.”


Morris said he now has no transportation.

“I actually have to rely on my girlfriend to get around. She dropped me off today, and she got to go to school. I have to go to work, so we have to work around that schedule,” Morris said.

Morris took to Facebook in hopes that if enough people spread the word, his truck would be returned.

“The response has been really humbling,” Morris said. “Family, friends and strangers … (are) sharing the post, trying to get it out there. So I really appreciate the help coming from everybody.”

Morris said even though his truck was locked when it was stolen, he is still encouraging everyone to keep their doors locked and to be vigilant.

As for the thieves, Morris said he forgives them.

“Things happen, but I would just hope they don’t go on and do this to somebody else because it really makes things tight and really stressed,” Morris said.

Anyone with information about the theft is asked to call Live Oak police at 210-653-0033.

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