Officials escort kids to school as part of pedestrian safety initiative

Walking audit revealed area lack of crosswalks, other traffic safety mechanisms


SAN ANTONIO – A new safety initiative in the Cassiano Homes community is aiming to ensure students without transportation get to school safely.

The San Antonio Independent School District doesn't provide buses to students who live closer than 2 miles to their school, so many of the some 500 children living at Cassiano Homes walk to Sarah King Elementary School.

A recent walking audit of the area revealed that it lacked crosswalks and other mechanisms that would ensure kids are walking to school safely, according to the San Antonio Housing Authority. As a result, SAHA teamed up with several city agencies to walk with students and remind them to use safe practices while walking to school. 

Now, twice a week, police and other city agencies walk with students on their route to school, reminding them to use crosswalks and look both ways before crossing.

Abigail Espinosa, a parent to three kids that walk to school, said the initiative brings her some peace.

"I do worry because I know that they are little and sometimes, they don't know how to look to both sides," Espinosa said.

Police said the initiative has increased the number of students going to school safely and has improved their relationship with students and parents.

"Other conversations we have is about our jobs, so that they can be less scared of us," said San Antonio Safety Officer Brigett Neumann. "Especially in this area that we have over here. We are all friends now."

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