Defensive driving instructor offers tips to avoid road rage incidents

SAN ANTONIO – A defensive driving instructor is offering some tips on how to avoid being part of road rage incidents after multiple people were injured in a road rage shooting Tuesday on the city’s Northwest Side.

The off-duty San Antonio police officer injured during the shooting remains in the hospital. The condition of the two other people injured remains unknown.

Lynn Kite is a defensive driving instructor with Central Park Driving School. He said road rage issues are prevalent in Bexar County.

“Bexar County leads the state year after year in road rage,” he said.

The key to avoiding getting into problems with people on the road is to check your emotions behind the wheel.

“If you see people in a road rage, don’t take it personally. Avoid eye contact with the people and resist making gestures,” Kite said.

Other suggestions include the following:

  • Follow the rules of road

  • Yield to drivers

  • Don’t speed

  • Don’t tailgate

  • Use a turn signal

  • Don’t honk excessively

  • Don’t ignore traffic lights and signs

“If you don’t do those things and drive like you’re supposed to and have common courtesy for your fellow man, then everyone will get along and everybody will get from point A to point B,” Kite said.

According to road rage statistics compiled by, 37 percent of aggressive driving incidents involved a firearm, and 66 percent of traffic fatalities are caused by aggressive driving.

Kite said it’s important for drivers to stay alert and not be distracted, because they have to not only pay attention to their own driving but also how other motorists -- who may be distracted or under the influence -- are driving.

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