Gray, black rattlesnake discovered at Texas park

Rattlesnake spotted at Wyler Aerial Tramway in El Paso

Wyler Aerial Tramway - Texas Parks & Wildlife
Wyler Aerial Tramway - Texas Parks & Wildlife

EL PASO, Texas – A photo of a black and gray rattlesnake has gone viral after it was posted to the Wyler Aerial Tramway Facebook page Wednesday.

The rock rattlesnake, or Crotalus lepidus, was spotted near an unspecified door at the park, seemingly trying to cool down, according to the Facebook post. 

Rattlesnakes are protected in state parks, and if you come across one, Texas Parks and Wildlife advises to give the snake space to move away and leave it alone.

The snake in the photo is approximately 2 feet long.

See the full post below:

We had this little friend come and cool down by one of the doors at the park; it is a Rock Rattlesnake (Crotalus...

Posted by Wyler Aerial Tramway - Texas Parks & Wildlife on Wednesday, July 11, 2018

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