President George W. Bush's Portraits of Courage exhibit comes to Witte Museum

Exhibit opens Saturday, runs through Sept. 30

SAN ANTONIO – Over the next two months, President George W. Bush’s Portraits of Courage painting exhibit will be on display at the Witte Museum featuring 70 portraits of military men and women who were injured in the line of duty after 9/11.

All of the portraits are painted by former President George W. Bush.

Bush personally got to know most of the those featured in his portraits, including Sgt. First Class John Faulkenberry, with the U.S. Army. Faulkenberry completed two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan in an infantry unit.

In 2007, Faulkenberry was shot in his leg and had to have it amputated. He said being chosen to be painted by Bush is a reward for his service and a huge honor.

"This is my reward of him painting me, where it gets to go around the nation and show people how much support that he has for our veteran population, and me being one he chose to help represent this population," Faulkenberry said.

Bush met most of the individuals he painted during wounded warrior events.

The exhibit opens to the public Saturday and will run through Sept. 30.

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