Man locates son's stolen car using GPS tracker, helps police catch crook

2 people have not been caught

SAN ANTONIO – A man was able to track and locate his son’s vehicle while the suspects who stole the car were still driving it, thanks to a GPS tracker.

Steven Gonzalez said he noticed the car missing on Thursday morning when he was on his way to work.

“It was gone,” Gonzalez said. “I activated my GPS tracker, and it came back giving me the location of where it was at.”

He said that’s when he called the San Antonio Police Department and the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.

“It was pretty exciting,” Gonzalez said. “I was able to give them point-by-point where the car was moving.”

The car ended up at the corner of Grand Valley Street and Sandy Valley Drive, about 20 miles from where Gonzalez lives. That’s where the three boys got out and ran to the grassy area nearby, police said.

“The officers were running through this, behind us chasing them, so they put some work in today that is for sure,” Gonzalez said. “They caught one of the passengers, but the driver and the other passenger got away. He ended up giving the names of the other boys, so I’m sure they’ll be caught soon.”

Neighbors who caught all of the action on camera said the grassy area where the suspects ran is known for criminal activity.

“Trash dumping,” said one neighbor about what occurs in the area. “It smells really bad. There have been other vehicles abandoned here before, so, yes, we would feel much safer if the city would just cut this stuff down.”

The car is now back in Gonzalez’s possession.

“My son is happy, but he is bummed out because the stereo and other accessories were stolen. But those things are replaceable,” Gonzalez said. “That’s why we pay our insurance. That is why I invested in GPS trackers. It is going to be recovered if they find it. If not, then it's just material. Nobody was hurt. That is what is really important.”

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